Gas Expansion Turbines (turboexpanders)

Enertime expansion turbines allow for the recovery of the energy lost during pressure reduction in natural gas pre-expansion and distribution stations

The operators of natural gas transportation and distribution networks can thus improve their energy efficiency and their economic balance sheet by self-consuming and/or exporting the electricity produced by recovering the expansion energy without releasing nor generating greenhouse gases.

This energy recovery can also allow for the cogeneration of electricity and cold.

From the flow, upstream pressure and downstream pressure measurements provided by the customer, Enertime designs the expansion system to maximize electricity and cold production (if applicable) while integrating the constraints of on-site implementation and considering the heating capacities available..

Pressures [bars]

Transport Network

Pre-expansion stations

  • Distribution stations to heavy consumers 

20 to 67.7

Distribution Network

Distribution stations to end users

  • Distribution stations to industrial users

4 to 20

1.5 to 20

Example of a natural gas expansion recovery system developed by Enertime

For powers greater than 1 MWe, conventional turbogenerators are available. These have the following characteristics:

  • Multi-stage turbines overhung on a gear box

  • Dynamic sealing between turbine and gearbox achieved by means of a double tandem or double pressurized gas mechanical seal

  • Rotor supported by hydrodynamic bearings

  • Coupled to a 2 or 4 poles generator (synchronous or asynchronous)

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