Enertime, the French cleantech that is decarbonising global industry

Our mission: to fight against global warming by developing innovative solutions around thermodynamics to produce CO2-free energy, industrial energy efficiency and the circular economy

Enertime is a listed French industrial SME with a mission to fight global warming by developing innovative solutions around thermodynamic science for CO2-free energy production, industrial energy efficiency and circular economy.

At Enertime we build our proposal around a core competency for designing and producing turbomachinery associated to thermodynamic cycles. 

Using this knowhow, we design, develop, and implement Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) modules to produce CO2-free electricity from heat. Enertime offer also high efficiency, high temperature heat pumps to generate valuable heat out of lower temperature heat and electricity.

A technology similar to ORC turbomachine is being used to generate electricity and cold with pressure reduction from natural gas at pressure let down stations. 

We target in priority, energy-intensive industries all around the world where energy efficiency can play a significant role in reducing CO2 emission together with significant cost saving. 

After years of being active in developing ORC technology, Enertime established its first subsidiary named “Energie Circulaire” to provide clients with ESCO (Energy Service Company) solution that make its industrial energy efficiency technology easier and more accessible by offering it as a service.

At Enertime we highly value Environment and commit to fight against climate change with our highly diversified and qualified team including engineers and technicians from all around the world.

Expertise and innovation

The company sees itself as a player committed to:

  • Develop innovative technologies around thermodynamic science that will effectively participate in the fight against global warming.

  • Create wealth and jobs in the society where it was created and develop itself and in particular industrial jobs with high added value.

  • Contribute to improving the trade balance of the Country

  • Compensate its shareholders for the risk taken and the support provided.

  • Protect, support and develop the skills and well-being of its employees.

  • Providing customers worldwide with innovative, economically relevant and reliable solutions and helping customers to implement and exploit them.

The company has implemented a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach. The 2016 Environmental, Social and Societal Impact Report is available below.

Awarded by TUV Essen, the ISO 9001: 2015 certification integrates all Enertime's activities, from management to the design and manufacture of turbomachinery products, their deployments, and on-site operations. This certification enshrines the company's commitment to increasing customer satisfaction in terms of quality of service throughout the value chain. This approach based on the improvement of the company's processes aims to control the deadlines of realization as well as the reliability and quality of the products.

Humans behind the machines

Gilles DAVID

Our company has an ambitious project that is threefold:

  • Develop and deploy innovative technologies that will help humanity fight the greenhouse effect by actively saving energy used in industry, or by producing CO2-free energy

  • Develop an industrial activity that has its roots in our territories, and export products with high added value worldwide

  • Grow a responsible company in which employees enjoy working together

Gilles DAVID — Founder and CEO of Enertime

Board of directors

Gilles DAVID
Isabelle LANGE
Exporter in China of industrial products Made In France
50% of the turnover is exported
70% of employees are shareholders
European Growth Champion 2019 (Financial Time 1000)
Winner 2018 BPI France for its CSR policy
More than 40% of female employees on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee



Join our team

  • A fast-growing company, in an expanding business sector

  • A highly qualified multicultural team

  • A benevolent working environment

Our offers :


The rotating machinery engineer will be responsible for carrying out and coordinating the design studies of one or more turbomachinery (axial turbines or centrifugal compressors).  He will report to the Head of the Turbomachinery Department.

Do you want to :

- Put your skills at the service of the energy transition

- Integrate a young, dynamic, and cosmopolitan team

- Integrate a human-sized structure (about thirty employees in total)

 Please downlow document below for further information.



About us
Mechanics and Structures Department Manager

"After an experience at the R&D of EDF as a design and sizing engineer for steam turbine components, followed by three-year my position as an engineer in the Nuclear Steam Turbines department at ALSTOM POWER, I decided to join ENERTIME in 2015 as a mechanical turbomachinery engineer.

Today, I am in charge of the Mechanical Department which is composed of the Turbo-machinery team, as well as the Piping and General Installation team.

Enertime has allowed me to fully develop professionally by expanding my technical and managerial skills in the welcoming atmosphere of a dynamic, multicultural and united team with a common desire to innovate."

About us
Tender Leader

"Holding a PhD in Energetics and Process Engineering, I joined Enertime in 2019 as a bid and costing manager for our heat recovery technology solutions.

Working at Enertime is for me a continuation of my professional career that started in 2010 in the field of renewable energy.

Contributing to the decarbonisation of the French industry is an exciting challenge in view of the environmental and societal issues we face. Being at Enertime allows me to participate in this search for solutions within a dynamic and highly motivated team."

About us
Process Engineer

"Thanks to the 3 years of apprenticeship I have spent at Enertime I have been able to develop a broad range of skills in process engineering applied to thermal machines, which allowed me to graduate as an engineer from the Ecole des Mines de Paris in 2020.

Following this apprenticeship, I chose to continue my journey at Enertime as an engineer in the process engineering and design team, and also to provide technical support to the commercial team.

I chose Enertime because of the diversity of the issues we tackle and the human scale of the company. The structure gives us the freedom and flexibility to develop innovative topics and this is a good formula to make the industry more efficient."

About us
Process Engineer

"I completed a master's degree in process, energy and environmental engineering coordinated by ENSTA and CentraleSupélec, which allowed me to join Enertime in 2017 as an intern in the commercial department.

Being hired at the end of my internship, I am currently working in the engineering of systems for the design and construction of ORC modules and special machines, especially for cryogenic and O&G applications.

I can say that the dynamics and diversity of ENERTIME's activities have allowed me to fulfil an "infinite" technical curiosity and to acquire a transversal vision of financial and technical evaluations, design and construction of projects, in a multicultural context of collaboration and respect."