Waste Heat Recovery

Energy efficiency plays a key role in accelerating the transition to sustainable energy with a reduced carbon footprint. In this regard, waste heat recovery is a key strategy to be exploited

Many industrial processes generate the hot flue gases that can be cooled before being released into the atmosphere. This heat can be recovered to be used to generate electricity, mechanical energy, and thermal energy at low cost and without CO2 emissions.

The technologies for industrial wase heat recovery

Currently, the recovery of industrial waste heat is a very important unexploited area in Europe and worldwide: For France alone, it is estimated that there is a potential of about 51 TWh/year, i.e., 16% of the annual fuel energy consumption in the industry, and is released in the form of waste heat at temperatures of above 100°C. (source: ADEME, La chaleur fatale industrielle, 2015) About 4 TWh of this waste energy could be recovered by installing a capacity of about 500 MWe of ORC systems.

Industrial waste heat: an unexploited field for producing decarbonized electricity

Enertime has a well-established technology to recover industrial process heat from steel, glass and cement plants.

Depending on the needs, we are able to implement ORC systems with or without the cogeneration for the production of:

  • Electrical energy for the self-consumption or partial re-injection into the grid

  • Mechanical energy that can be transformed directly into compressed air, to be further used in the internal processes of the plant  

  • Thermal energy to supply the internal heating needs of the plant or to be connected to a district heating network

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