Hybrid solar biomass power plant using ORC technology ORC技术的光伏生物质混合发电厂

Enertime develops with the Indian Institute of Science in Chalakere and the Indian company Thermax, a solution using 100 to 300 kW high-efficiency ORC module associated with concentrated solar collectors and biomass boiler for access to energy in the rural areas of India. The project named Rainbow has received a grant from the French Global Environment Facility (FFEM) managed by the Agence Française de Développement (AfD). The pilot 100 kW ORC module will be built around a turbine designed by Enertime and a module build by Thermax based upon Enertime basic engineering. The project will be operational in the third quarter of 2015 on the campus of the ISS at Chalakere.


Access to a guaranteed energy 24 hours a day at a reasonable cost is one of the difficulties of conventional decentralised renewable electricity generation technologies. The ORC technology associated with the combustion of biomass combined with solar thermal energy is a solution that answers to the requirement.