Many industrial processes generate hot fumes that must be treated before being released to the atmosphere. The constraints imposed by the smoke treatment equipment require the cooling of these fumes.

Enertime's ORC machines generate electricity by upgrading this fatal heat while cooling these fumes.

Example: In a foundry equipped with a cupola, the hot post-combustion gases must be cooled to a temperature of about 200 ° C before passing through a bag filter. The use of a smoke / fluid exchanger makes it possible to capture this heat which will then be transmitted to the ORC machine to be converted into electricity, reinjected into the plant circuit.

As a result, the smelter will be able to reduce its electricity consumption while allowing smoke treatment.


Industrial Process Energy Efficiency Brochure

Film from the ORCHID © program at the FMGC (youtube link)

Scientific paper (in English) on the ORCHID © project - case study


Module ORC, 1MW, FMGC, France