Enertime PAC'RET © High Temperature Heat Pumps make it possible to transform low and medium temperature heat sources into high temperature heat sources.

Enertime PACs are used:

  • For the improvement of the energy efficiency of industrial processes, by the valorization of fatal heat (from 40 ° C) to higher temperature heat;
  • For the production of heat to supply urban heat networks from geothermal sources at lower temperatures.

We continuously optimize our solutions to answer as well as possible to the energy production and management needs of our customers.

Heat Pumps - Enertime

The refrigerant is an organic fluid which evaporates in contact with a source of low or medium heat temperature. A compressor then makes it possible to bring the low-pressure steam thus obtained (1) to higher temperature and pressure levels (2). This high-pressure vapor condenses by transferring its heat to a liquid or gaseous stream (water, for example, for heating). Finally, an expansion valve makes it possible to return the liquid obtained (3) to the low-pressure level (4), thus terminating the cycle.

The compressor developed by Enertime is centrifugal and is driven by an electric motor.