Enertime portfolio in turbomachinery includes :

  • ORC Axial Turbine, pedestal technology : the ORCHID © turbine 
  • ORC Axial Turbine, cantilevered : the ORCHID© IGT version
  • Centrifugal Compressor 
  • Gas expander (Radial or Axial)

Enertime's ORC turbines are suitable for dense fluids for pressurized gas expansion. Highly robust and with excellent efficiency, multi-stage axial turbines are the flagship technology to produce steam or organic fluid energy.

Enertime sells multi-stage axial turbines from its ORCHID © range, with capacities ranging from 300 to 3000 kWe, and compatible with all the refrigerant fluids available on the market (HFC, HFO, HFE ...)

Turbines ORC - Enertime

Enertime's ORCHID © turbines have the following features:

  • Type of turbine: axial
  • Number of floors: multi-stage
  • Nature of flow: Subsonic, allowing an excellent yield including partial load
  • Rotation speed: between 1500 RPM and 4000 RPM, depending on the project
  • Bearings: bearings, or hydrodynamic bearing
  • Dynamic sealing: yes (see details)
  • Lubrication: forced, with oil (lubrication group designed and supplied by Enertime)
  • Coupling: live or via a gearbox
  • Power: from 800 kWe to 3000 kWe as standard

Enertime also designs and manufactures supersonic turbines based on its ORCHID © IGTrange

Turbines ORC - Enertime

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