Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) machines from Enertime enable the conversion of low and medium temperature heat sources into electricity.

Enertime markets different ORC machines (standards or specials) with the following characteristics:

  • Temperatures of hot sources above 90 ° C, and typically between 150 and 200 ° C;
  • From 100 kW as standard, and typically from 300 to 3000 kWe with the ORCHID © and CORDIAL © ranges;
  • Using turbines developed by ENERTIME
  • Use non-flammable fluids for applications below 200 ° C

Modules ORC - Enertime

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  • Enertime has mastered many technologies for its ORC machines, including:
  • The turbines technologies from turbine type, multi-stage for expansion of pressure gases;
  • Control of refrigerant fluids (current and new generation), particularly for machines using non-flammable fluids;
  • Mastery of thermodynamic cycles (design and regulation);
  • Management of static and dynamic seals;
  • Control of key components (exchangers, pump, valves) in their specification and qualification;
  • Optimizing the design, manufacture and quality control of ORC machine chassis;