Enertime offers innovating energy solutions based on thermodynamics for energy efficiency and production of heat and power with renewable resources.


Enertime designs, develops and implements Organic Rankine Cycle modules (ORC) to convert waste heat or heat produced with renewable resources into CO2-free electricity. Enertime also develops high-temperature heat pumps and ad hoc turbomachines.


Focusing on international markets, already working in Asia, Africa and South America, Enertime is willing to bring to its industrial customers the latest technological developments to guarantee their energy supply under the best conditions adapted to local requirements.


Our unique and genuine proposition on the market convinced the Siparex Group and the Amundi Private Equity Funds to invest in Enertime in February 2011.


Enertime is headquartered in Courbevoie, near Paris.  The company is represented in the following countries and territories:


  • La Réunion island; Representative: Mr. Jérôme Tarbès
  • 留尼旺岛;代表:Mr. Jérôme Tarbès
  • The Philippines; Representative: Novergy Inc.
  • 菲律宾;代表:Novergy Inc.
  • India: Representative: Transweigh International
  • 印度;代表:Transweigh International



Enertime has a capital of 119.887 euros, with all permanent employees as shareholders.

Funds managed by the Siparex Group, the Amundi Private Equity Funds, CALAO Finance and private shareholders extern to the company cover a minority share of Enertime’s capital.


- 由Siparex集团、Amundi私募股权基金、CALAO Finance共同管理的基金。

- 公司所有永久雇员。

- 公司外部的私人股东,仅持有公司少数股份。


Amundi PEF supports companies at every stage of their development, from business creation to transfer in a sustainable and trustful way. Amundi PEF is member of the Groupe Amundi, the private equity arm of Credit Agricole and Société Générale Bank

Amundi私募股权基金是法国最大的资产管理公司,其为企业发展的每个阶段提供帮助与支持。Amundi私募股权基金是Amundi集团成员之一,是由法国农业信贷银行(Crédit Agricole)和法国兴业银行(Société Générale)两家银行的资产管理部门合并而成。

Siparex is one of the first French independent capital investment groups. Siparex invests in fast-growing companies run by ambitious entrepreneurs who want to achieve their development strategy in a faster and better way.

Siparex是法国首批成立的独立资本投资集团之一。Siparex 主要投资由雄心勃勃的创业家创立和经营的快速成长型公司。

CALAO Finance invests in French exporting companies working on two markets: way of life and luxury on one side and strategic activities and energy efficiency on the other side.

CALAO Finance主要投资专注于以下两个市场的法国外贸公司:一个是生活方式与奢侈品市场,另一个是战略型行业与节能市场。