8 Diciembre 2010

We provided a feasibility study for a French industrial on waste heat recovery in industrial processes to produce electricity. The study demonstrates that the installation of an ORC unit is a suitable solution and that such an installation would be profitable with a feed-in tariff between 80 and 100€/MWh for electricity sold, depending on the temperature and the heat source. Today, in France, there is no guaranteed feed-in tariff for electricity produced from waste heat recovery in industries. Power is bought at market price which is about 60€/MWh. Implementing a feed-in tariff guaranteed at 80€/MWh represents a small subsidy compared to the current tariffs for solar PV or biomass cogeneration and shall lead to a large potential market for renewable energy.

These results show the pertinence of ORC technology to produce renewable energy and strengthen Enertime in its innovation strategy.

Meanwhile, we get closer to our first proprietary ORC unit. The organic fluid that will be used is determined: it will ensure the maximum efficiency of the ORC unit with heat sources starting from 200°C. Condensation will occur at air temperature. This fluid can also be manipulated without any risk (no toxicity or fire risk) and does not have any impact on ozone layer. This ORC module will be able to produce electricity from renewable energy in specific conditions such as isolated grid or waste heat recovery at low temperature in industrial set-up.

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