14 Octubre 2010
Engineering and consultancy in France and abroad

Biomass projects: Two of our Biomass projects under development have reached the environmental permit phase. The first one is located in French Guyana, in South America and the other one in the Burgundy Region, in France.

In Guyana, our customer POWEO entrusted us with a complex task. Electrical grid and biomass industry are very different in Guyana compared to continental France. ENERTIME has met local suppliers and has perform local investigations to be able to offer the best technical solution (supply, connection to the grid, site selection, technical engineering). The future power plant of 5 MWe will consume 60 000 tons of woodchips a year coming from sustainably grown and harvested biomass, waste wood and residuals.

In the Burgundy region, ECH, a German investor and operator in the biomass energy industry, from biomass processing to generation of electricity, contracted ENERTIME for its experience on project management in France to develop a cogeneration plant combined with a wood pellet production plant. This project was selected by the French Regulatory Commission on Energy (CRE) and will get a subsidized electrical tariff for 20 years. With an installed power of 5 MWe and 12 MWth, the power plant will produce heat for a wood pellets unit producing 75 000 tons of pellets a year and will export electricity to the national grid. This project is conceived as a partnership with the adjacent sawmill and will boost the local wood industry.

Our Asian team, based in Manila, Philippines, just came back from Thailand where they were assessing a portfolio of biomass projects for the French Development Agency (AFD) in order to advise on the projects needing support. The assessment is aimed at defining the opportunity for AFD to fund biomass projects through a specific fund for innovative projects adapted to the Thai context. The AFD trusted ENERTIME for its independence to perform this audit. Through this kind of mission, we are reinforcing our presence on the international market and particularly the South-East Asian market.

Solar projects: we have provided the first phase of a study on the implementation of a solar power plant on the ash pond of a mothballed coal power plant close to the City of Albi in the South of France.

On the international market, we have provided technical assistance to the Egyptian authorities (NREA) for the preparation of a tender for the detailed engineering and specification of a 20 MWp solar PV power plant.