5 Abril 2012
Stop wasting heat!


Potential energy savings using waste heat recovery systems in industrial processes are huge. This is why the AXELERA innovation cluster launched a program for Energetic Valorization of Industrial Waste Heat (VALENTHIN). The aim is to develop competitive technologies in order to recover, transform, store and transport low temperature waste heat (80°C-200°C).
Enertime is part of the project as the designer and supplier of ORC solutions. Other partners include energy providers and research laboratories such as the French Atomic and Alternative Energies Commission (the CEA). Several demonstration projects will be developed within this program.


Enertime coordinates the Industrial Waste Heat Recovery and power conversion project. As such, the company will bring its technical expertise on design and implementation of Organic Rankine Cycle machines and will support the development of a national WHR solution industry.
Topics addressed by the Program are broad in the VALENTHIN program: waste heat recovery on polluting fumes, recovery of very low temperature heat sources, research for high performance organic fluids, computer modeling of thermodynamic systems and study of innovative thermodynamic cycles.