Special Turbomachinery

In addition to ORC applications, our turbomachines are particularly suitable for the following applications:

  • Pressure let down stations

To produce, store and transport industrial gases, these gases are compressed on a part of the installations and networks and then relaxed in order to be distributed and used.

Thanks to special turbomachines, the energy of pressure let-down can be recovered in turbomachines to provide electricity.

  • Thermal Energy of the Seas (ETM)

The valorization of a temperature difference between the surface of hot seas (28 ° C) and depths (5-10 ° C) makes it possible to produce energy on ETM cycles, for powers of 100 kWe to several hundreds Of MWe.

  • Heat pumps

Enertime compressors make it possible to produce high-temperature heat pumps (higher than 80 ° C) of high power, ideal for industrial applications and geothermal power assisted by heat pump.

  • Energy storage

TES (Thermal Energy Storage) systems use complex loops of compressions, storage and detents of very specific fluids (air, CO2, organic fluid) to play on the availability and cost of electricity at different times of the day.

Consult the R & D section to learn more about the SeleCO2 project