Third party financed solutions

Industrial energy efficiency for zero CAPEX. Enertime’s subisidiary, Energie Circulaire, proposes CPPA pays-as-produced contracts to industrial plants through its strong investor partners network for a day-1 profitability with no risk

In a context of energy price surge and sky-rocketing CO2 taxes, Enertime proposes a full project development, building and financing assistance for your ORC, expansion turbines or HP projects.

With its partner Energie Circulaire, Enertime offers an energy efficiency as-a-service model for valorizing waste or unused energy, in either hot or lukewarm streams and even waste pressure drops in natural gas networks.

Energie Circulaire proposes energy supply contracts at the best price and finances in equity and debt the equipment for waste energy recovery and valorization of the waste energy potential of industrial sites.

Thanks to strong networks of partner among banks and investment funds as well as its political and economic supports, Energie Circulaire set a unique capacity for project development and financing allowing industrial groups to avoid the CAPEX effort while reducing electricity weight on their OPEX since the very first day.

Corporate PPA-like or leasing-like agreements between the plant and Energie Circulaire secure a long-term hedging against energy price volatility without having to worry about either O&M constraint, CAPEX prioritization or pay-back times.

In addition, Energie Circulaire and Enertime will support in obtaining the maximum subsidies available (like ADEME subsidies in France or IETF fund in UK) and energy efficiency related funding (like CEE in France, TEE in Italy and more generally White Certificates), including possible optimization EU-ETS allowances.

For more information, please get in touch with our teams, or feel free to visit our partner Energie Circulaire.

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