6 December 2011
newsletter n°5 : December 2011

ORCHID on track!

The ORCHID project has been selected by the TOTAL ADEME program to provide  energy efficiency in industrial processes. The ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) pilot plant by Enertime will be installed in the FMGC foundry in the Loire-Atlantique in western France. TOTAL and ADEME or the French Environment and Energy Management Agency see this innovative project  of Enertime as a timely and appropriate response to the market’s current need for energy-efficient solutions in heavy industries.
Designed by Enertime, the ORCHID module which has been specifically designed to recover waste heat in industrial processes provides the following advantages:

  • The implementation of the module is fast and simple and directly connects to the industrial process without negative impact.
  • The non-toxic, non-flammable working fluid allows for the direct implementation of the module into the factory without requiring specific environmental authorization.
  • ORC modules are reliable and resistant: ORCHID operates all year long and requires very little maintenance.
  • ORCHID produces power at a competitive price compared to those of other energy sources.

With this kind of technology, Enertime offers a relevant turnkey solution for manufacturers today.  With a target price of 100€ per MWh, the ORCHID, especially with an accompanying feed-in tariff, will prove to be a most profitable solution for various kinds of industries.

Aware of the cogent potential of this R&D project, TOTAL and ADEME have awarded ENERTIME with a grant to subsidize the project and also to confirm ORCHID’s over-all reliability.

Launch is scheduled for mid 2012: to be continued!


A feed-in tariff for electricity from waste heat recovery?

The Ministry for Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing is working on incentives to support companies in their efforts to implement energy efficiency policies. Among other recommendations,  the setting up of a feed-in tariff for electricity produced from waste heat from industrial processes has been proposed.
Read the report.



Energy Week in Kenya

Enertime took part in the Second National Energy Conference organized in Kenya from October 4 to October 6, 2011.  Kenya offers several opportunities for implementing the ORC technology as developed by Enertime, especially in the field of geothermal energy, Concentrated Solar Power  (CSP) as well as in biomass power plants on isolated grids.  As more than 70% of the country’s population are not connected to any grid, a huge demand for power exists in Kenya.  An estimated 4,000 MW of geothermal power plants should be installed in the country if the demand for power is to be met in the next 15 years. To fulfil this huge demand, all types of renewable energy sources must be considered. With its ORC modules being adapted to medium enthalpy and geothermal and other renewable energy sources, Enertime can ably take part in Kenya’s national electrification program

Convinced of the potential for ORC projects in Kenya, Gilles David went back to Kenya to attend the Geothermal Conference from November 21 to 23, 2011.


Massachusetts Global Clean Energy Week

Gilles David, CEO of Enertime, went to Boston for a week of conferences and meetings on clean energies from November 1 to 4, 2011 and was impressed by the enthusiam for renewable energies of the state of Massachusetts, especially by the dynamism of the MIT and the MIT Sloan School of Management CleanTech groups.

The dynamism of the American CleanTech market is very attractive and Boston seems to offer a positive environment for stepping into the US market.  Although it is too early for an Enertime subsidiary in the USA for the moment, this trip in New England opened new horizons for the company.


Cleantech Connect à Londres

Enertime has been ranked as one of the 20 fastest growing European Cleantech companies by Cleantech Connect, an annual event organized for the third year by GP Bullhound, an investment banking consulting company.

Gilles David participated in the award ceremony that took place in London on November 10, 2011. It was an opportunity for Enertime to meet other European Cleantech companies as well as with several investment companies working with Cleantech .




Enertime sent teams to Guadeloupe (French Caribbean) and Mauritania to identify opportunities for ORC projects. These zones present many possibilities in renewable energy and in energy efficiency projects: CSP, geothermal, etc…


Enertime also strives to develop several engineering projects overseas. Enertime is preparing several requests for funding by the French Ministry of Industry under the FASEP Program in order to finance feasibility studies for new power plant projects.


Other news

R&D: Call for demonstration projects in geothermal energy

Enertime envisages to become the lead proponent for demonstration projects in geothermal energy programs sponsored by the French ADEME Agency and is interested in taking part in two other projects under this program.

The Requests for Expression of Interest are a powerful lever for Enertime to keep up with its innovation strategy.  Enertime takes this call for tender as an opportunity to design two new turbines for its ORC modules.   Besides waste heat recovery and thermodynamic solar energy, geothermal is a particularly relevant market for ORC technology development using medium and low enthalpy geothermal resources for electricity production.

Applications must be made on or before March 20, 2012.


PM’ up supports Enertime

The Ile-de-France region where the company’s main office is located has decided to support Enertime through their PM'up program.

Enertime’s eco-activity and efforts in innovation have been considered as contributing towards  strategic priorities in regional economic development. The company has thus been awarded a contract by the region which will finance selected actions needed for the development of the company. With this subsidy, Enertime will be able to reinforce its commercial efforts in selling its ORC technologies.



Laurent Branthôme has joined the team to work on the mechanical design of the ORCHID turbine. A graduate of the INSA in Rennes in mechanical engineering, he is in charge of the sizing of the turbine as well as the validation of manufacturing technologies and materials.  He will also be in charge of the manufacturing, assembly  and commissioning of the ORCHID.


Mohamed Ould Hamady, student at Ecole Centrale Paris, is on a 5-month internship at Enertime. A native of Mauritania, Mohamed knows the context of this country quite well. He will be in charge of identifying and initiating projects in distributed thermodynamic solar power plants in this country where the increase in power demand is not properly addressed.


Enertime at Pollutec and LeCleantech

Fabien Michel presented the ORCHID pilot project on the ADEME stand at Pollutec on November 29. On the same day took place LeCleantech, The European Cleantech Conference, where Gilles was able to debate with other experts on the topic of the international development of the French Cleantechs.

You can replay the conference here.  The debate with Gilles David starts at 1:25.


Enertime in the news

The French press largely relayed the announcement of the support of TOTAL and ADEME for the ORCHID pilot project at FMGC foundry.


Article in the daily economic newspaper Les Echos, November 8, 2011, page Innovation: « Enertime veut valoriser la chaleur perdue des usines »
Article in Green News Techno n°46, November 18, 2011: « Premier contrat pour l’ORC d’Enertime »
Article in Enerzine newsletter n°966 –Wednesday, November 23, 2011 : « Projet : ORCHID : de l’électricité en valorisant la chaleur perdue »