ORC Module, 600 kW, SERM, France

and power

600kWe ORCHID Cogen©




biomass cogeneration


Montpellier, France


March 2015

The 600 kWe ORCHID module produces electricity from superheated water generated by a boiler fueled with local biomass. The residual heat will supply the district heating of Port-Marianne with up to 5 MWth.

The new unit is a trigeneration biomass power plant that will fulfill all the energy needs of an eco-district. It can supply the district buildings at all times with power, heat and air conditioned and only with renewable resources. The plant will be fueled with local biomass which lowers operational costs, supports the economy of the community and reduces the environmental impact of the new district. Besides, ORCHID Cogen© works with a non-toxic and non-flamable fluid.

Small ORC biomass power plants have a minimum efficiency of 75% compared to 50 or 60% for high-power cogeneration plants usually installed. These new plants produce reliable baseload renewable power at a lower cost than power produced in photovoltaic solar plants or offshore wind farms.

ORCHID Cogen© has been fully designed and built in France. The plant started to operate in March 2015.