4 February 2013
ORCHID© passed its first tests in continuous operation!

Wednesday, January 23, Enertime engineers were on site to take day and night turns to carry out the first session of tests in continuous operation on our ORC pilot plant called ORCHID©, installed in the FMGC foundry.

Despite a current limited available heat capacity, ORCHID© generated 15.49 MWh of power during the 65 hours of operation with a peak power of 612 kWe. The ORC system reacted positively to these first endurance tests and confirmed the good quality of design and manufacturing of both the turbine and the cycle.

The optimization of the system is under progress. The team has had the opportunity to improve the general regulation of the module and the operation of equipments, refinements which required long-term running of the module.

This study helped confronting design performance of ORCHID© with its performance in real conditions of operation. The results are very encouraging and confirm the economic relevance of Enertime’s ORC solutions.

Automated running tests will go on during the coming weeks with an increasing independent monitoring and leadership of the foundry’s team on the operation of the ORC system. Performance at full load will soon be confirmed as the need for building heating decreases in the foundry.