21 December 2012
VALENTHIN : development of a low temperature ORC

VALENTHIN (Energy Recovery of Industrial Waste Heat) is the first core project of the competitive cluster AXELERA which has the ambition to develop a French technological industry in energy recovery. The scope of the project is to provide solutions to companies with liquid or gas waste heat at a temperature between the ambient temperature and 200°C and willing to use the energy created themselves or to provide this energy to external users.

This project is financed by the FUI Fund (an R&D fund for competitiveness clusters) and will lead to the design of a low temperature ORC in partnership with ARKEMA and the CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission). This ORC will be relevant in a very large panel of activities with a working temperature of around 80°C to 100°C and will thus meet a need which is not covered yet. The project will start in January 2013.