19 November 2012
Kick-off of a feasibility study for two ORC biomass plants in the Philippines

Ms Nicole Bricq, French Minister of Foreign Trade, was in Manila on October 20th 2012 together with the Philippines government to sign a Financing Agreement for the feasibility study of two biomass power plants valorizing rice straw as a fuel, financed under the FASEP Program. Each power plant will be designed with one 1 MW ORC module. Enertime will carry out these studies in partnership with the University of the Philippines Lõs Baños, PhilRice (national rice research institute) and IRRI (International Rice Research Institute, based in the Philippines).

The 18 month study will allow to validate technical and economic parameters for design, construction and operation of the plants, as well as fuel supply strategies. The plants are targeted to be implemented under two public-private parterships with both UPLB & IRRI and PhilRice respectively.

The dissemination of biomass power plants using rice straw in the Philippines and South-east Asia could replace dozens of diesel generators in remote areas. Coupled with district heating, drying units or cold-water plants, ORC biomass plants can reach efficiencies over 80% with competitive production costs.