5 July 2011
Short news

ORC unit conception: Enertime takes part in the development of French small businesses and upholds the “made in France” industry with the signature of several contracts of partnership for the construction of our ORC units. Chastagner Group is our first partner.


Biomass engineering: Enertime is active on various emblematic projects of the future of biomass in the world:

-- Enertime is realizing an economic analysis of biomass cogeneration projects in Europe so that our client can easily and quickly estimate the amount of investment necessary to run cogeneration plants and efficiently manage a global strategy for the development of biomass. Our client chose Enertime for our reliability, our good knowledge of plant suppliers and owners and our experience on the field.

-- In Europe, Enertime is auditing coal boilers to assess the possibility for an investor to convert them into biomass boilers.

-- In a French overseas department, an investor willing to create a biomass power plant of more than 5 MWe called on Enertime to negotiate with the different parties on the budget required to build the project.

-- In Corsica, Enertime is providing a techno-economic feasibility study for a biomass plant in the center of the island.


Photovoltaic solar projects: The building permit has been published for the solar power plant project Enertime and juwi EnR are working on in the Loire department. This project epitomizes our strategy for photovoltaic plants. Despite the difficulties encountered in France in this domain, Enertime holds on to projects which contribute to the development of local territories and communities on former industrial sites by converting them into solar plants. This site was previously used to transform uranium ore from a nearby mine into yellow cake.