30 March 2011
First industrial project for Waste heat recovery

Enertime is answering to the AMI TOTAL/ADEME, a subsidized program for energy efficiency in industrial processes with the objective to manufacture it first ORC module and to test it in an industrial environment.

In February of this year, a proposal was submitted to ADEME. The 1MWe ORCHID© module, designed by Enertime, will produce renewable energy by recovering waste heat from the smoke of a hot air cupola furnace within a foundry. The electricity produced will be reinjected in the foundry’s electrical grid, therefor reducing the factory’s electricity bill by 30%.
This project opens new doors for numerous energy savings projects in industrial environment. Power production from waste heat in industrial processes is currently poorly developed due to a lack of adequate industrial scale technical solutions to make use of wasted heat at low temperature. The typical interference between such sytem and the process associated to the high price, low efficiency of traditional equipment explains the lack of solutions. The ORCHID© module aims to answer these expectations. The non flammable and non toxic fluid used will allow the module to be installed in any industrial environment, and its characteristics are adaptable to low temperature valorization, while keeping a high efficiency.

This solution will generate the cheapest, decentralized and renewable energy cost on the market. Enertime’s aim is to also rapidly grow on the international market, and especially in neighbouring European countries where electricity is often twice more expensive than that of France.

With its technical expertise and investment in ORC technology, Enertime prepares for the growth of a new industry dedicated to the international market while offering opportunities to the European industry to reduce its carbon impact and to buy an insurance against the increase of the price of electricity.



Energy efficiency is an operating condition of a system for which the energy consumption is minimized for a service rendered identical. 
Energy efficiency in industry is a particular case of energy savings, which are designed to reduce energy consumption without the service is the same. 
Energy efficiency in industry can reduce environmental costs, economic and social issues related to the production and consumption of energy. This is an important element of adaptation to climate change and the fight against greenhouse gas emissions. 
The concept of energy efficiency for energy efficiency or energy efficiency reduces energy consumption for a given type of product or service. 
Energy efficiency in indurtry absorbs or generates energy in various forms, most often mechanical power or heat. This energy is used for transport and transformation of material flows.