8 December 2010
Engineering and consultancy in France and abroad

Biomass projects

2 out of 2! Both industrials who have trusted Enertime to prepare their application to the  BCIAT 2010 program have been selected by the ADEME (French Agency for Energy Efficiency and Environment) for subsidy. With a competitive and convincing application including biomass supply plan and technical feasibility study prepared by Enertime, our clients will get a subsidy covering 30 to 50% of the investment cost.
NB: Application for the BCIAT 2011 are still open but have to be filed before February 1st, 2011.

Enertime won a contract in partnership with local company Team Maroc to make a study for the Renewable Energy Center in Morocco. The study’s purpose is to identify a portfolio of biomass projects for 3 regions in the North of the country. Team Maroc is the 3rd engineering company by turn-over and the 1st private in the country. Team Maroc relies on Enertime for our experience in biomass engineering and our technical expertise. This first contract in Morocco is only a start and should open us more projects in the region. Study has started in December and will last for 6 months.

Our Asian team, based in Manila, Philippines, is finalizing a feasibility study for the optimization of a cane sugar mill and its cogeneration plant. This contract is strategic for Enertime as it is one of the first studies of this kind accomplished in the Philippines. The thirty cane sugar mills of the archipelago represent a potentially big market. In addition to improving the efficiency of the plant, Enertime has studied the opportunity of building a cogeneration plant associated with the sugar mill. A detailed inventory of the biomass available in the area of the mill besides the existing bagasse, allowed us to prepare a biomass sourcing plan that will allow the cogeneration plant to operate all year long. It will be possible using high quantities of biomass available from rice hulls and coconut and cane wastes. The cogeneration plant aims at replacing the current biomass boiler system presently operating only 6 months a year during the harvesting season. The project will allow 20 MWe to be exported to the grid in addition to the energy provided for the operation of the mill. This electricity is currently produced with inefficient low pressure steam. Enertime works for an investor interested in financing and operating the cogeneration plant. The agreement under discussion between the investor and the sugar mill is based on a trade of bagasse and cane waste for heat and electricity necessary to run the mill.

Solar projects
On the international market, we worked with the French Development Agency (AFD) on a fact-finding mission on renewable energy in Northern Africa.