14 October 2010
Projects development

Solar projects: September was a special month as we got our first building permit for a solar power plant of 4 MWp under development for JUWI ENR in Gétigné, a village in Western France. This plant will be built on the site formerly occupied by an uranium ore processing plant for a closed nearby uranium mine. We have also filed  for JUWI ENR in September, an application for building permit for a project in the Rhône-Alpes region for a 1.1 MWp PV plant on a similarly closed uranium mining site.



Biomass projects: We presented in September to the local elected representative, the Municipal Council and government representative our project of an ORC Biomass cogeneration plant of 2 MWe, associated to a wood pellets production plant in the Forez Region. This project brings a double gain to local actors. The plant will allow sawmills to sell their waste woods and make profit out of residues. The project also involves the creation of a wood pellet production unit which will increase local employment and activity.