11 July 2012
Focus on geothermal energy: a flagship application of ORC

Geothermal power is a technology used to recover thermal energy from the ground. ORC have been used for decades in geothermal power to generate electricity. It is the main market for ORC throughout the world and this technology is well-suited for low grade heat resources.

For this high potential renewable resource, Enertime develops ORC modules low and medium temperature to valorize low depth heat resources and to start operating wells as soon as they have been drilled. Usually to operate classic geothermal plants using steam, several wells have to be drilled in order to reach the minimum power, which can take several years. In the meanwhile, Enertime’s ORC can been implemented in a short periodon the well-head to start valorizing the heat. With 2 to 3 standard modules, moved from one well to another as the connection to the plant goes with the drilling of new wells, the entire geothermal field can be covered until the connection of all wells to the plant.