11 July 2012
Energy efficiency for waste valorization units

Enertime offers solutions to valorize thermal gases from waste treatment units (incinerators). The market expects solutions especially since the implementation on climate correction factor (R1).

The ORC module designed by Enertime to meet this need is perfectly adapted for an implementation in a constraining industrial environment, and respects security regulations. Enertime brings a turn-key solution and takes care of the integration on the site to ensure the module has no negative impact on the industrial process.


How to Valorize waste energy ??

To valorize waste energy it may can take three forms:
  • Incineration with energy recovery in the form of steam or electricity
  • Recovery of biogas produced in landfills
  • methanation of organic waste and sludge from sewage treatment plants (fermentation produces biogas).

Incineration with energy recovery is the primary mode of treatment of non-recyclable waste (or waste).Burning waste to produce energy, valorize waste energy  and reusable materials while avoiding landfill.

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