5 April 2012
Research and Development

Enertime is accelerating its R+D effort and capabilities and strengthens the institutes’ research policy to keep up with their innovation strategy. Belonging to these clusters will enable Enertime to work in partnership with leading French institutions and companies like Total, Air Liquide, EDF, Centrale-Supelec, Armines, BRGM and the CEA to develop partnerships for research in the fields related to Enertime expertise and having a high market potential.



This is why Enertime is a founding member of the Institute PS2E dedicated to energy efficiency in industrial processes.


Enertime is also a member of Geodernegies, an IEED dedicated to geothermal energy and  15.9 million euros from the French government Enertime will provide to the institute its expertise and skills as designer of ORC modules for geothermal applications.