8 June 2016
New contract in Western Ukraine for the supply of an ORC of 1.6 MWe

The consortium of companies, including ENERTIME and local companies Kriger and UTEM, have signed  a contract with the public utility "Miskteplovodenerhiya" in charge of district heating and energy services of the city of Kamyanets-Podilskyi to supply a turn-key biomass co-generation plant.

The contract amounts to more than 2 million euros for ENERTIME. The city district heating network, currently powered by imported natural gas, will be operated in the future with local biomass. This contract is strategic for Enertime as the company thus becomes a supplier of reference in biomass cogeneration systems for eco-districts throughout Europe, including in France where new rules for biomass power plants are helping the ORC technology to prove its competitiveness.

For more information see the press release.