29 March 2016
New contract in France for an incinerator

ENERTIME and SUEZ through its fully-owned subsidiary SIRAC, the operator of the waste to energy plant of the SYVEDAC (Waste disposal utility of the City of Caen) announced having signed a contract to design, manufacture and commission an ORC plant which will recover seasonal excess heat resulting from the incineration of household waste from the city of Caen.

The Caen Waste to Energy Plant feeds a heating network and has therefore excess of heat when the outside temperature is mild, in the form of pressurized water at 190°C. This surplus will be transformed into electricity by an ORC plant producing up to 2 MWe with potential to supply heat at 45 °C to consumers.

This project will put this Waste to Energy Plant at a higher level of energy efficiency and demonstrates the relevance of ENERTIME’s offer for the optimization of Waste to Energy Plant and more generally, of all industrial processes with an excess of heat.

For more information, see the Press Release.