21 April 2015
ENERTIME provides its ORC technology to FONGEOSEC 5.5 MWe geothermal cogeneration plant

The Consortium led by Fonroche Geothermie, in which Enertime is one of the partners, has been selected by the French Energy Agencies (ADEME and CGI) to receive funding for the deep, high temperature geothermal energy project called  Fongeosec.

Enertime will provide the ‘electricity and heat production technology’ for the 5.5 MW power plant using its proprietary Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology. This project, located in Lons in the Pyrénées Atlantiques Region, has a budget in excess of 80 million euros.

This significant Project gives all the means to the French geothermal industry to develop and improve its technological offer for worldwide export . This new success recognizes the technology and expertise of Enertime, pursuing its development as a major actor in France and on the international market for innovative turbomachinery and thermodynamic machine technology, helping the fight against climate change.