23 February 2016
New call for tender for biomass power plant in France

The French Ministry of Ecology, Environment and Sustainable Development has published on February 8th the new specifications of the tenders relating to the construction and operation of biomass and biogas facilities, downloadable from the following link:,46494.html

After four relatively unsuccessful calls for tenders for biomass power plants that reserved the projects to large plants only, this is the first tender allowing and even encouraging small installations. These provide many advantages over large biomass cogeneration plants including better management of the biomass fuel, fully automated and compact system, ease of operation and operational flexibility.

The ORCHID© module supplied by ENERTIME fits perfectly into eco-cities with positive energy generation and high efficiency (> 80%). ENERTIME welcomes this step that will finally allow innovative ORC technology to address the French market of eco-friendly cities.  The ORC installed by ENERTIME for the SERM of Montpellier foreshadows projects that could soon blossom everywhere in France.

For more information about the installation in Montpellier, check: