Bet, with us, on an ambitious project

Develop and deploy innovative technologies to help humanity tackle the greenhouse effect by actively economizing the energy used in industry. Develop an industrial activity that has its roots in our country, and exports high value-added products to the whole world

3 good reasons to become a shareholder of ENERTIME


Innovation and reindustrialization

We proudly design and manufacture our machines in France for the whole world. Our teams design and assemble in Courbevoie, turbomachinery and thermodynamic machines by leveraging the synergies between thermodynamics and advanced rotating machinery design.


Agility and industrial efficiency

Our multicultural team of engineers and technicians, graduated from the best educational institutions, have expertise in the design of rotary machines, thermodynamics, mechanics, automation, as well as in engineering and project management, which guarantees the pertinence and performance of our equipment.


Circular economy on a third-party-financed ESCO model

Recovering waste energy from industrial processes and recycling it into useful energy contributes to energy consumption reduction for a more sustainable society. Our projects, carried by our subsidiary Energie Circulaire, provides the industries with competitive CO2-free energy produced by our machines.

“ Enertime is a technological digest addressing 3 major themes for our future: Energy efficiency, The circular economy, Re-industrialization. The current awareness of climate-related issues should provide a very favorable context for a strong development of society. ”

Welcome to the Shareholders' Club

This club, we want it to be above all a place of exchange: it is important to us that you can understand our technologies and our progress. This is why we give importance to meetings with our teams and having site visits.

Being a shareholder also means participating in general meetings: your voice counts !



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ICB classification : 0583 (Equipement d’énergie renouvelable)

Date d’introduction : 7 juillet 2016

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