Scientific Council

Enertime has a scientific Council composed of : 

Paola Cinnella 

Professor at Arts et Métiers Paris Tech / National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts in collaboration with the DynFluid laboratory: Paola Cinnella is a scientific expert specialized in fluid dynamics.


Vincent Lemort

Assistant Professor at the Thermodynamics laboratory of the University of Liège: Vincent Lemort run the energy systems laboratory of the Liège University. 


Stéphane Colasson

Head of the Thermal and Thermodynamic Systems (LS2T) laboratory at CEA: Engineer Graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Physique of Grenoble and holds a doctoral thesis from the Henri Poincaré Nancy University at the CEA-Grenoble. He is head of the Thermal and Thermodynamic Systems (11 people) Laboratory at CEATech Grenoble.




R&D activities

Enertime's R & D activities include:

• Performance optimization of ORC machines

• synergies in industrial applications in the thermodynamics and turbomachines sciences (new ORC machines applications, special turbomachines, storage of electricity through thermodynamics ...)

Examples of R&D projects

CARPHYMCHEAU : Enertime is piloting the CARPHYMCHEAU project to improve understanding of corrosion, fouling and deposit formation in geothermal heat exchangers as part of its participation in the Geodenergie Institute ( ) of which Enertime is one of the founders.

SeleCO2 : Research program selected by the ANR SEED, for the study of a thermodynamic type storage system with massive geostock and CO2 heat transfer. Enertime intervenes in this project for the process definition and innovative turbomachines design (supercritical CO2 compressor and turbine). The project is coordinated by Engie, with the participation of BRGM, the CEA and the Toulouse Institute of Fluid Mechanics. 

Further information:

LeanShip : Funded by the European H2020 program and comprising 48 partners, LeanShip aims to develop the ship of the future. Enertime is developing an ORC machine technology for boats in partnership with STX.

Further information :