Enertime, a company with a positive environmental and social impact

Enertime's priority is to satisfy its customers in the field of thermodynamic machines for the energy transition.

Enertime is an industrial company that designs, finances, implements and operates equipment and systems designed to produce and store energy with minimal impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

It contributes to decarbonisation and energy independence by recovering locally the energy lost in industrial processes and heat sources, and transforming it into useful energy.

The company's development is consistent with the sustainable development objectives and Agenda 2030 of the United Nations Global Compact (MDG), and in particular :

  • MDG 7, which aims to ensure access to clean, reliable and affordable energy for all,

  • MDG 9, which calls for socio-economically responsible industrialisation and the use of technology and innovation to make better use of natural resources,

  • MDG 13, which calls for urgent action to tackle climate change and its impacts.

Enertime has set out its mission in seven commitments:


Enertime places innovation at the heart of its business because it is convinced that innovations, whether technological or service-related, provide relevant solutions to global warming. The company devotes more than 10% of its annual turnover to Research and Development.


Enertime exists because of its customers. Its priority is to provide an effective response to their needs, with a constant focus on quality and performance, from equipment design through to commissioning and maintenance. By listening to its customers, Enertime innovates in its energy efficiency services.


The company operates industrial equipment and power turbomachinery using flammable and explosive fluids. In addition to complying with regulatory requirements, it pays particular attention to the safety of its employees and those of its customers, and will always arbitrate in their favour.


Enertime needs a wide range of talents to achieve its ambitions; it recognises and integrates them, whatever their culture or gender, and values them solely on the basis of their experience, skills and commitment to its mission. It offers opportunities to all its employees to contribute to a supportive and creative collective and a caring and empowering environment. Strong emphasis is placed on apprenticeships that lead to employment and on hiring or contracting senior employees who are willing to share their experience. Remuneration governance is guided by fairness, transparency and value sharing.


As it continues to grow, Enertime continues to cultivate its entrepreneurial DNA and encourages initiative and empowerment from its employees at all levels of the company, rooted in a culture of dialogue and collaboration without excessive hierarchy. A clear division of roles and explicit decision-making processes guarantee its performance.


Enertime has benefited from entrepreneurial freedom. It also owes its development to the capital entrusted to it by private investors and to the support and regulatory environment in France and the European Union. It works to remunerate its shareholders for the risk they have taken. It aligns their interests with those of its employees by helping them to become shareholders too.


Enertime's ambition is to become a model of tomorrow's French and European industry: responsible, technological and international, but rooted in the region where it was born. Enertime believes that its role also extends to helping other growing innovative industrial companies through its advice and influence.