The French Energy Efficiency Agency ADEME visits the ORCHID© installation at the FMGC foundry

23 Februar 2016

New call for tender for biomass power plant in France

23 Februar 2016
A new call for tender for biomass power plant in France has been released. ORC in biomass cogeneration application are now included in the tender.

Development of a high-power ORC machine for Ferropem under an energy as a service model

9 Februar 2016
ENERTIME has been selected for a grant and loan from the French Energy Agency ADEME for its Project ORCASIL. The objective of the ORCASIL project is the installation and operation of a 3 MW Organic Rankine Cycle module (ORC) on one of the FerroPem silicon production furnace in Anglefort plant in France. FerroPem (Group FerroAtlántica) will be a partner in the Project.

Frohes neues Jahr

7 Januar 2016

Invitation aux acteurs en transition énergétique

4 Dezember 2015

Communiqué de presse - 24 novembre 2015 - lancement des cinq premiers projets Geodenergies

1 Dezember 2015

Special report from CNBC on Enertime (in English)

6 November 2015
Video: CNBC has dedicated an episode of their series "Sustainable Energy" to Enertime and their ORC tehcnology.

Enertime presented its technology in San Francisco on the 29th and 30th of September

30 Oktober 2015

Strategic partnership with A2EP Company in New Caledonia

30 Oktober 2015
Enertime and A2EP have established an exclusive partnership in the territory with already several engineering contracts jointly executed in the territory.

Enertime will accompany the French President François Hollande during his official trip to China from the 1st to the 4th of November

30 Oktober 2015

Solutions ORC pour les bateaux : interview de Gilles David sur Smart City

8 Oktober 2015

Signature d'un contrat pour une turbine ORC en Chine

25 September 2015

Nouvelle levée de fonds

25 September 2015

Evaluation of waste heat to power potential in the USA

29 Juni 2015
The US department of Energy has released a new report providing a comprehensive assessment for a potential of 14 594 MW of electricity to be produced in Waste Heat Recovery applications in more than 2 900 industrial sites in the US.

R&D project: ORC for waste heat recovery in large ships

29 Juni 2015
ENERTIME has received a funding from the European Union under the H2020 program to implement its ORC technology in large ships.